How Can You Help

From: Somewhere in the USA
Saturday, 10:23 a.m.
January 17, 2017

Dear Friend,

As is clearly evident in the video, “An Urgent Message From GOD To A Crumbling Society” as well as in the images below, God is slowly disappearing from the fabric of our society…

how to help

That’s not good… that’s not good at all.

Here’s how you can help keep God in the news and help spread the good news message of Jesus Christ…

The goal is to run a 1-column inch ad/video, “An Urgent Message From GOD To A Crumbling Society” in both online AND physical copies of newspapers all over the USA.  And then… after making a few obvious “tweaks” to the ad/video… we are going to try to run it in every newspaper on the planet… with the ultimate objective being to lead millions… perhaps even billions of lost souls to Jesus Christ.

To give you a better idea of how I’m going about this, take a look at the following…

Here’s an example of an ad appearing in an electronic version of the Washington Post newspaper.


Here is an example of an ad appearing in a physical copy of the New York Post newspaper.


If you’d like to contribute to my efforts, there are two easy ways you can help:

 #1. GET THE MESSAGE OUT YOURSELF… You can choose any newspaper in the USA where you’d like to see the ad appear… contact their advertising department… and simply pay for/place the ad yourself.  The cost to run an ad varies greatly.

For example, if you want to run an ad in The Dayton Review (Circulation 1,500 readers) in Dayton, Iowa, to run it once, a 1-column inch ad would cost you $6.00

If you want to run an ad in The Knoxville News Sentinel (Circulation 80,000 readers on a Sat.) in Knoxville, Tennessee, to run it once, a 1-column inch ad would cost you $60.00

Or… if you want to run an ad in… say… The New York Times (Circulation 1,225,000 readers) in New York City, to run it once, a 1-column inch ad would cost you $700.75

Any contribution you can make will be appreciated.

NOTE:  If you decide to go this route, please let me know where + when you’ll be running the ad/ads.  You can do this by sending me an e-mail at

Or… if you prefer… the other option is…

#2.  You can donate a little bit of money to this cause via PayPal… and I will pool together the donations and place the ads myself.  Every time I place an ad, you’ll be able to see on the Google map of the world (located on the HOME page of this website) where/when each and every newspaper ad appears.

  95% of what you donate will go directly toward placing more ads in newspapers all over the world.  The remaining 5% will go to me, to help me do this (spreading the Word of God via this website) full-time. Truth be told… right now I have no car, no place to call “home” (that’s not entirely true, actually I sleep quite comfortably in a spare bedroom in the attic of a relative’s home). On the flip side though… I’m working a P/T minimum wage job that I can’t stand.  It’s a humbling experience to say the least, especially at my age, but it’s keeping me grounded and close to God.  Wish me luck… and if you don’t mind, say a prayer every now and then for this website’s cause.  Thanks for your support.