How You Can Help

If you’ve already been to THE GOAL page  of this website, then you know that as of this writing, worldwide, there are currently 7,423   newspapers   in   circulation,   both in-print & online.

Keeping in mind that those are just a tiny, little fraction of the 7,423 newspapers published on a regular basis around the globe… what I’m attempting to do is…  I’m attempting to run the following 1-column, 1-inch advertisement…

 in both online and physical copies of all 7,423 newspapers (on a steady basis) to spark people’s curiosity… and compel them to visit this site… in hopes they’ll become fans of this advice column and want to share it with everyone they know… so that millions (and eventually billions) of folks will come to know… love… and want to establish a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pretty cool… ay?

Anyway, since I cannot afford to run these ads all by myself, this is where you come in…

Here’s How You Can Help!

If you would like to help lead lost souls to Christ (via this website) there are two easy ways you can contribute:

#1. Get The Message Out Yourself:  Choose any newspaper on the planet where you’d like to see one of these ads appear… then get in touch with their advertising department and simply pay for / place the ad yourself. Click here for a  PNG file of the ad you’ll need to send to the newspaper advertising dept.