The Goal

Newspapers have been in circulation for centuries. As of this writing, worldwide, there’s a grand total of 7,423 newspapers, both in-print & online. 

Newspapers including…

Anyway… the primary goal of this website is  to  run  the  following 1-column x 1-inch advertisement…

… in both online and physical copies of all 7,423 newspapers (on a regular basis) to spark people’s curiosity… and compel them to visit this site… in hopes they’ll become fans of this advice column and want to share it with everyone they know… so that millions (and eventually billions) of folks will come to know… love… and want to establish a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The map below (which you can use two fingers to adjust to the size of your smartphone) shows precisely where and when each of these newspaper ads have appeared so far.

                 (See red markers     )