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Dear Joshua: You Big Fat Liar You!

Dear Joshua:

I stumbled upon this website by accident and saw your interesting promise of, “Watch This Video… And Change The World!”  Because I’ve been trying to change the world myself for over 25 years (since I was in high school) I decided to watch the entire video.  After watching it, all I can say is, “You big fat liar you!”  That video isn’t going to change the world.  It contains too many generalities.  Things like, treat people the way that you yourself would like to be treated, be compassionate toward others, surrender your life to God, say your prayers, etc., etc.

It’s all just a bunch of “general advice” that’s been preached by people for centuries.  It doesn’t contain any specifics… and therefore will not result in any noticeable changes to this world.

Instead of deceiving people with the claim of, “Watch This Video… And Change The World!” it should say something more like, “Watch This Video… And Discover A Bunch of Vague BS Advice That’ll Do Nothing Measurable To Change The World.”

Anyway, how do I rate your video Joshua?  I don’t give it a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down”.  Nope, I give it “the finger!”

“Disappointed Dan”

Tucson, AZ


From: Somewhere in the USA
Sunday, 10:41 a.m.
April 23, 2017

Dear Dan:

So you’re giving my video “the finger”… hmmmmm?  Well, hey, what can I say other than, “pobody’s nerfect.”  In all seriousness Dan, I do appreciate your constructive criticism.  I’ll take it into account when making my next video.  In the meantime, let me see what I can offer you in terms of specific advice that will help YOU and OTHERS change the world.  After all, you did mention in your letter that, “I’ve been trying to change the world myself for over 25 years – since I was in high school.”

Since you appear to be a real go-getter Dan, I have a challenge for you.  It’s a challenge that is based on the movie “Pay It Forward” starring Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment.  In the movie, Kevin Spacey plays a Social Studies teacher (Mr. Simonet) who gives his class the following assignment…


Think of An Idea To Change Our World … And Put It Into Action!


Haley Joel Osment plays the part of one of his students (Trevor).  Trevor is really motivated about the assignment, so he comes up with a big idea.

What’s his idea?

To Do 3 BIG Favors For 3 Other People…
And Have Each One Of Those People Repeat It!


Here’s how Trevor explained it to his teacher and classmates when he was writing it on the chalkboard…

“What I’m going to do for this assignment is to find 3 people who are very “needy” and I am going help make their lives better.  In this diagram here, that’s me at the very top… and below me are the 3 people that I am going to help.

small change the world 

 “Once I have helped make their lives better, I am going to ask them to do the same thing for 3 other people.  (To make 3 other people’s lives better).  To “Pay It Forward.”  When that occurs, this is what I believe will happen…”

change the world

“It might not look like much in the very beginning, however, once this “Pay It Forward” movement starts spreading, it gets BIG pretty quick!”

“As more and more people get involved, helping 2-3 other people, who in turn help another 2-3 people… and so on… and so forth… it grows and grows and grows.  Like compound interest in a bank account, the results keep multiplying… over… and over… and over… to a point where eventually the movement starts to look something like this…”

change the world

 As you can see… this thing can get real big… real quick!”

Did that make sense to you Dan… the basics of the “Pay It Forward” movement?


Okay now…you say you really want to change the world?  Here’s the challenge that I have for you.  Don’t worry Dan… don’t worry… unlike my video which you said contains only “general advice”, the following contains SPECIFIC advice, a step-by-step plan of action YOU CAN implement, that truly CAN change the world.  And fear not, because it’s extremely “do-able” (and replicate-able)… even for the average “Joe”.

Have a look…

“Disappointed Dan’s Step-By-Step Plan of Action For Changing The World”


Step 1: Since you live in Tucson, take a ride over to a homeless shelter called H.I.P. (Homeless Intervention & Prevention Services).  It’s located at 702 S. 6th Ave. in downtown Tucson, Arizona.  Ask to speak to Marybeth, she’s the Resource Specialist.  She’s going to assist you in accomplishing what I’m about to share with you.

Step 2: Tell Marybeth that you’re on a mission to change the lives of 3 homeless people.  When she starts asking you questions about why you’re doing this, you can either refer her to this here letter or you can go ahead and explain it yourself.

Step 3: If you explain it yourself, tell her something along the lines of, “I’m trying to start a movement by changing the world one person at a time. I’d like to start out with a person who is extremely “deserving”.  Somebody who is trying really hard to improve their life. A real go-getter you might say.”  (For right now Dan, I’d like you to steer clear of helping hardcore drug addicts & alcoholics.)  Don’t worry about them; because we’re going to be helping them out in the very near future. For right now though, we need to build your confidence level in this movement by having you help some of the less challenging people.  The people who (because of your help) will be able to improve their lives… fast!  With Marybeth’s guidance, you will quickly get to know 3 or more people who you’re best suited to help.

Step 4: After you’ve met one (or more) persons who you’re confident you can help, take them out to lunch.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Take them out to lunch and have a serious face-to-face conversation with them in which you’ll ask, “What can I do to make your life better?”  Since they’re homeless, chances are they’re probably out-of-work and in need of a decent job.  And that’s most likely what they’ll ask you to help them with.  If so, that’s a pretty easy fix.  In the movie “Pay It Forward”, Trevor bought a homeless man some new clothes so he could get a job… and it changed the guy’s life.  You can do the same (or something similar).  You can purchase very nice clothing very inexpensively (suits, ties, shoes, dresses, sneakers, work boots, jeans, etc.) for one or more persons, by taking them shopping at either a Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store.  In Tucson, there are 3 Goodwill stores and 2 Salvation Army stores.  You’ll find their locations on Google.  NOTE: Most of the clothing sold at these stores is of high quality. While a small percentage of what they sell is brand new. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they have.)  All in all, for each person you help, you’ll probably end up spending in the neighborhood of  around $15-$25/person.

Step 5:  Right about now you’re probably saying to yourself, “This is great, it’s certainly a step in the right direction in helping these people to feel better about themselves, however, I don’t have a clue as to how I’m gonna help them find a job!”

Not to worry Dan… not to worry… because right now I’d like you to flip to the “Letters To Joshua” section of this website (by clicking the tab at the top of this page) so you can read Letter #1 “Homeless, Hopeless & Sick of Prayer”.  There you’ll find some very…

What’s that?  You say that you can’t be bothered?  You say that you’re way too busy?  You say that I should just copy & paste the part of the website… the letter that I want you to read… right here?

Okay, okay, don’t be so testy… sheeeesh!!!

Here it is… copied… pasted… and delivered right to your doorstep.

Dan, almost word-for-word you’re going to share step #6 with the person you’re trying to help.  Here it is…

Step 6:How To Get A Job Fast: Go to a local library (public or college) and hop onto one of the many computers that they’ll have. On their computers they are sure to have a FREE phone system called Skype.  You will use this free phone system to make dozens, perhaps even hundreds of calls to small business owners like painters, carpet cleaners, window washers, landscapers, florists, construction companies, roofing companies, moving companies, etc.  You’ll find hundreds/thousands of them in the “Online Yellow Pages”.  Start making calls to these small companies (ask to speak with the owner) and tell them that you are very interested in being employed by them. Most of them are probably going to tell you, “Sorry, but we don’t have any job openings right now”.  That’s okay, because at right about that point in the conversation you will state that you are so anxious to do the type of work their company does, that you are willing to work for them for FREE for 1-2 weeks, just so they can give you a “test drive”… to see that you are indeed an honest, hard-working, dependable person who they’d be crazy not to hire. Take these steps… play your cards right… and you WILL find yourself a good, solid, long-term job that will provide you with a steady income and an apartment or home of your own.

Dan, those are 6 relatively easy steps you can take that will slowly… and eventually quickly… change the world one person at a time.

But hang on a second… hang on… instead of referring to it as, “Disappointed Dan’s Step-By-Step Plan of Action For Changing The World”, we should just simply call it… “The Movement”.  That way when someone asks you/anyone why they’re going around helping people change their lives, you/they can just simply say, “I’m part of the movement.”

Sure sounds a lot better than, “Disappointed Dan’s Step-By-Step Plan of Action For Changing The World”… wouldn’t you agree?

Good luck in your venture of changing the world.

Sincerely yours,

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P.S.  There’s a lot more ways to change our world… and I will be discussing them in future “Letters To Joshua”.  In the meantime, you’ve got your work cut out for you.  Good luck Dan!  I’ll be praying for you.